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Our new world is challenging us in ways we've never imagined. The next steps for you might be small and cautious, or you might be ready for big, bold moves. We're here to help you move forward at the pace that feels right for you.

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Hold your bank to a higher standard

You start a personal relationship that is built on trust when you decide to do business with a bank. Your bank should make you feel like it cares about you and not just your money, and reveal its character in times of adversity.





Solutions to bank online


The highly rated Webster Mobile Banking app is free, secure and fast. It lets you handle virtually all of your banking affairs just as if you were in a branch, from check deposits to bill pay.


You go online to handle much of your banking business. For even more functionality, use the Webster Mobile Banking app or Webster Web-Link®, our sophisticated business-only tool with over 70 functions.


You may have multiple employees in several locations logging on to conduct your firm’s financial affairs. Authorize and track all activity, with heightened fraud protection and risk management, with our online, mobile app and Web-Link tools.

Resources for life's big moments

Personal Banking Insights

Buying a home

Buying your first home can be fun and rewarding. The secret is to learn as much as you can about the process before you get started. The following steps should help.
Webster Investments Insights

Getting married

Marriage affects your finances in many ways, including your ability to build wealth, plan for retirement, plan your estate, and capitalize on tax and insurance-related benefits. Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you are thinking of…



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Webster Investments Insights

Starting college

As time goes by, planning for a child’s college education is more challenging than ever before. The saving or investing method you choose will depend on your child’s age, as well as your financial resources. Other considerations, such as your…

Industry Thought Leadership

Changing jobs

Today’s job market is fraught with scammers preying on the most vulnerable potential victims — the increasing ranks of the unemployed. “Work at home” scams are varied and can be difficult to detect. 

If a job sounds too good to be…

Business Banking Insights

Starting a business

As a small business owner, you balance the ability to quickly solve short-term problems while realizing long-term goals. That’s why we’d like to offer a new perspective on your goals for the coming year: Don’t plan for 12 months. Plan for 18.…

HSA Bank

HSA Bank®, a division of Webster Bank, N.A., is one of the country’s leading HSA administrators. It empowers millions of customers to confidently pay for healthcare expenses and save for retirement.

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